The Hosted Ivr Solution May Improve Customer Experience

One of the best technologies in Private Branch Exchange services is Interactive Voice Response. It takes customer engagement and satisfaction to a higher level by letting callers serve themselves or connect with the right agent or department.

Your customers can use it to get specific info, like extension numbers, branch location, unpaid bills, and more. But Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems also cut down on call time by letting the caller guide themselves to a helpful answer or solution.

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The Hosted Ivr Solution May Improve Customer Experience

How Does Hosted Ivr Operate?

How Does Hosted Ivr Operate

When a customer calls the company's phone line, the call goes to advanced servers where the customer's info is stored. The incoming call goes through a custom-made IVR. The IVR for customers offers different options for interaction and can connect to different departments and specific agents using extensions. After the first greeting message, the caller can pick from the various interaction options in the IVR. Like, "Thanks for calling XYZ Business—press 1 for Sales, 2 for Help, 3 for Billing," and so on. When the caller chooses, the call gets connected to the right company department or agent.

Advantages Of Hosted IVR

  • Security: Sometimes, we need to give customers important info like Telephonic Identification PINs and other sensitive data that operators shouldn't have access to. IVR is a highly secure way to give customers such crucial information.
  • Low Manpower: Since the IVR works without needing human intervention from the business's side, it helps companies handle customer calls with very few staff.
  • Call Recordings: IVR calls are recorded in the cloud, even including what the caller says. The Hosted network admin can give users access to these recordings. They can be used for different things.
  • Cost-effective: Our Hosted IVR Systems are budget-friendly. Every part of this advanced PBX feature is designed to cut operational costs.
  • Real-time Updates: Cloud Hosted IVR offers authorized users real-time improvements in performance and productivity.
  • 100% Uptime: With our free 24x7 tech support, we assure our clients that our Hosted IVR Phone System will be up and running all year long.